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Product Specifications

Trita Arta product, each tablet contains 500 mg of glucosamine, 400 mg of chondroitin, 400 mg of MSM and 300 international units of vitamin D, a dietary supplement It is perfect for strengthening joints, building cartilage, increasing joint flexibility and supporting joint tissue. This supplement reduces the adverse effects of aging or weight gain on the joints.

Medicinal properties

  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
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Learn more about Trita Darou

The mission of Trita Daru Arta Company is to produce all kinds of complementary and herbal products and pharmaceutical products and produce raw materials and distribute in domestic and foreign markets with the aim of improving the health of the society along with the access of different classes to quality medicine. The use of the latest technologies in the world strives to increase people’s life expectancy and meet the demands of the society and all stakeholders.

The mission of Trita Drug Arta Company is to produce a variety of supplementary and herbal products and pharmaceutical products and to produce FPI raw materials and distribution in domestic and foreign markets with the aim of promoting community health and access to quality medicine, using the latest technology in the world. Is to increase the life expectancy of human beings and meet the readiness of society and all stakeholders.

Trita Group, as in the past, for a better life and maximum comfort, tranquility and well-being, and offering products with world quality and international standards, all their efforts and perseverance for better and more quality production, as well as the construction of production units with world-class technologies. Supplements, herbs, medicines, new combinations and surplus products, as well as launching raw material production lines with the latest technology in the world, intends to take action in the direction of community health and access to quality and appropriate medicine for different groups.

In Trita Group, we have made research and development to provide higher quality products the basis of our work. Production of medicinal, herbal, supplemental and recombinant products and surplus for medical needs is the basis of Trita R&D to produce products with new and creative knowledge. To produce a healthy and quality life, our research team on the formulation of production and improvement of new products and new treatment technologies to treat a wide range of disorders such as anti-cancer drugs – respiratory diseases, cardiovascular, osteoporosis, diabetes, disease Focus on digestive disorders, liver and bile disorders, allergies and nutritional supplements and quality herbal products. Our products are evaluated according to the latest pharmacopoeial standards and international standards.

We are still trying to develop our pharmaceutical product portfolio by producing quality drugs and importing them through partnerships with foreign companies that have good import and compliance laws. The company intends to launch lines Production with the latest technology in the world can meet the health needs of society